A Very Satisfied and Loyal Customer!

Just want to say how Probody Warehouse helped me in my journey of weight loss. I thought I was a nice sized 215lbs. to 220lbs male. This was my comfort zone for many years, however, I was just fat and didn't see it. I talked with the store members and not only got advice but got a whole lot more than that. I got a full breakdown on what to eat at what times, a workout schedule with a workout breakdown and the perfect combination of supplements (stacks) to put me on the road to a successful me.

I went from 215lbs and got down to 200lbs before my trip to Cabo. I was truly amazed at what happened. I was in such a fat burning mode from the scheduled workouts, meal plans and supplements they gave me that the weight loss didn't just stop there. I am now down to a very solid 190lbs and it all happened over the course of just a few months. All I have to say is "WOW!!!" I can't thank this store enough for all of the input and support!

Truly a great thing from a great place and great support of staff! I just love this store!
Thanks for everything you have done for me and will continue to do for me and other customers just like me! "I am a very satisfied customer!"

Shawn D. ~ Professional Business Owner